About The Magazine

Wannabees Family Magazine is a monthly publication, where kids will express their view about family life! We talk about work and relaxation, travel, leisure, entertainment, education, parenting, and also suggests books and movies for kids and adults too!

There are interviews to different professionals in the community, celebrities and even politicians!


Who We Are.

At Wannabees we love kids and we believe they need more opportunities to leave the everyday world behind and let their imagination fly.

So, we have created a magical city where kids can dress up and feel free to be anyone they wannabee: a fire fighter, a beautician, postman, a supermodel, a doctor & much more.

But we know role play is more than just fun. It is a key element of learning. Role play engages emotion, cognition, language and sensory motor skills. Role-play also grounds abstract concepts in concrete experience – so kids can learn in greater depth about the world around them.